Opening Schedule
Opening Schedule

Save the dates! Mark your calendars and start your countdowns, the opening schedule is set! Look below for your favorite Castle in the Sand attractions and when they open for the season.



  • Waverley– Thursday March 1st
  • North– Thursday March 8th
  • Pool– Thursday April 12th
  • South– Thursday March 8th
  • Cottages
    C’s, G’s, T’s, A,B,C,D – Thursday April 12th
    B’s, H’s, O’s, L’s, W2 – Thursday April 12th
  • Children’s Activities– Father’s Day to Labor Day (June 17-Sep 3)
  • Movie Night– Tuesday June 26th
  • Beach Stand– Weekend before Memorial Day til Labor Day (May 18-Sep 3)
  • Barefoot Mailman– Thursday March 8th